Cover Max Nail Paint

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Incolor Cover Max Nail Polish is a unique nail polish that does more than just coat your nails. This healthy formulation that is treatment-enriched will maintain your nail healthily and well-hydrated. The highly nourishing formula can be dried in a matter of minutes and provides you with the most gel-like finish in only two coats! It comes in shades of bright pastels, raw nudes, and vivid hues, which means you can choose different shades to show what you feel about yourself. These Colors are suitable for any season and occasion These shades are essential. The Incolor Cover Max Nail polish is equipped with Color Lock Technology that ensures that the color will stay long on the nails a long time. The chip-resistant component of the Incolor Cover Max Nail Paint maintains the color. Now you're ready to impress!


  • Rich Gel Effect & Glossy Finish In 2 Coats Infused with essential oils for Nail Nutrition.
  • Quick Air Drying.
  • Color lock technology.
  • Stimulates nails with long-lasting nail enamel.
  • Chip resistance.
  • Incolor Cover Max Nail Polish paints your nails with perfection; providing them with a lively and stylish appearance.
  • Incolor Cover Max Nail Polish collection will sparkle your daily life!

How to use:-

  • To mix, turn the nail polish bottle in your hands. Do not shake it.
  • First coat one color, then let it dry completely before applying the second coat.
Cover Max Nail Paint
Shade No.1 - Rs. 90.00
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