Nail Polish Remover Travel Wipes

Rs. 69.00 Rs. 60.00

Introducing Incolor’s Nail Polish Cleanser Travel Wipes which are user-friendly and guarantee easy and hassle-free removal of nail paint. With vitamin E in them which helps keep your nails moisturized and nourished constantly. These simple and quick-to-use polishing wipes are made of toluene, acetone as well as paraben-free formulations.


  • Acetone-free polish remover wipes that work for the removal of polish
  • Filled with olive oil these wipes are soft and don't cause any damage to the nails.
  • Wipes will not dry the nail beds, but instead, keep them moisturized and hydrated
  • The perfect bag-friendly container to meet all your travel requirements
  • Each wipe will work on 10 fingers, leaving your nails spotless
  • The pack contains 32 wipes
  • 100 Vegan and dermatologically test

How to Use:-

  • Apply a gentle rub to your nail bed to get rid of the lacquer. Each wipe will effectively take lacquer off of all your nails.

  • pro tip: For healthy and damage-proof nails, apply cuticle oil to the nail bed after taking off the lacquer.

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