Liquid Concealer

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Incolor liquid Concealer is as lightweight as a feather when applied to the face. It will make your face appear radiant and flawless. Incolor Liquid Concealer is water-resistant and beautifully hides uneven skin tones. It gives you a matte finish that is semi-matte to make you look and feel you’re most glamorous. It offers a natural appearance without leaving marks on your face.

Reasons To Love

  • Ultra lightweight formula

  • Semi-matte finish

  • Waterproof

  • The perfect appearance

  • Long-lasting

  • Blurs blemishes

  • The camouflage technique conceals redness and dark circles.

How To Use

Step1:- Use a tiny amount of liquid concealer in your palm, and apply it all over your neck and face.
Step2:- Blend with a blender, or the point of your fingers to blend it evenly over your neck and face.
Step3:- The eyes are the most vulnerable area. the nose, you may apply a bit more if you need to.
Step4:- Mix it until it is perfect. 

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