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Beauty Blender Sponge

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Mix it up as a professional! This Incolor Beauty Blender Sponge set is distinctive and comes with high-definition makeup sponges that can create flawless makeup that will elevate your beauty routine. The set comes in four amazing shapes: Lemon, peach, strawberry, and Avocado it is perfect for evenly applying foundation to every corner of your face. The flat and tilted surface has been perfect to provide you with an even finish. It also helps you shape your face, particularly in the area of your eyes as well as the bridge of the nose. This sponge can help make a perfect curve around these areas.


  • This Blender is cruelty-free
  • It is compatible with any makeup formulation that includes powders, liquids minerals, as well as BB creams!
  • The sponge can take care of big surfaces and tiny corners. The flattened side is perfect to apply contour creams and setting powders.
  • Blend Master absorbs a small amount of water. This allows the sponge to become full which means there is no loss of product.

How to use:-

  • Before beginning your makeup application, make sure to wet the sponge until it's fully saturated, then remove all excess water.
  • Don't limit yourself to blending using one part of the sponge; it's designed that way to be a reason! Utilize the flattened edge for smaller areas that require preciseness (eg. the sides of your nasal bridge) and the edges that are rounded for larger areas of the surface.

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