Eyebrow Pencil 4pcs Combo (1.8gm each)

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Incolor pack of 4 Eyebrow Pencil contains 2 Black and 2 Brown Pencils. These pencils are safe and durable. They can last for a long time and can be used to define and fill in eyebrows You don't need an extra brush. Our eyebrow filling and shaping pencils come with a pencil cap that has a brush for your eyebrows. This provides more convenience, eliminates the need for additional brushes, and saves space. It is suitable for all levels of makeup artists, beginners to professionals. It's easy to use: First, comb your eyebrows with the built-in toothbrush. Next, sketch or imitate your eyebrow lines. Then fill in the eyebrow color. This will make your eyebrows naturally smooth until they reach the shape and appearance that you desire. This 2-in-1, long-lasting, portable makeup tool can be carried in your handbag, cosmetic bag, or suitcase.


  • Waterproof eyebrow pencil, which shapes and defines the brows to achieve a natural look.
  • The fine tip mimics natural hair, and the spolia evenly disperses product.
  • This product is easy to use and travel-friendly. It's great for touch ups.

How To Apply:-

  • Draw a sketch of your brows.
  • Fill the front with the large area of the pencil.
  • To make your eyebrows look more natural, brush them again.
Eyebrow Pencil 4pcs Combo (1.8gm each)
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